$1.5 Million Settlement

Court Preliminarily Approves $1.5 Million Settlement In Class Action Lawsuit Against U.S. Remodelers

September 25, 2009- U.S. District Court preliminarily approves $1.5 million class action settlement. To see a copy of the Court’s Notice of Class Action Settlement, Claim Form and Procedures, Exclusion Procedures, and Final Approval of Settlement Hearing, click here. If you are a current or former Sales Associate or Manager of U.S. Remodelers, Inc. (U.S. Home Services) and/or U.S. Home Systems, Inc. who was employed in California at any time between the dates of July 3, 2003 and August 24, 2009, you are a member of the class and should have received a copy of the Court’s Notice. If you have not received this document, please contact the Claims Administrator as soon as possible to request copy of this document and the Claim Form:

 U.S. Remodelers Litigation

c/o CPT Group, Inc.

16630 Aston Street

Irvine, California 92606

Toll free number: (888) 844-3063

 In order to make a claim and potentially receive a settlement award, you must complete and return the Claim Form you should have received, which must be post-marked no later than November 7, 2009. If you fail to complete and return the Claim Form within the foregoing time, you will be barred from participating in the settlement.